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Our beloved ENFENETEE passed suddenly of breast cancer on Sunday September 11, 2011. She co-founded X9RECORDS.COM and worked hard to move the company forward.


She cherished her chemistry and using her understanding of it to make all natural bath and beauty products. She enjoyed doing recordings and she delevoped the "Sheroes" segment of the Larry Young Morning Show on WOLB 1010AM in Baltimore, MD. She also enjoyed graphic and web design and her video production work. And most of all, the New ENFENETEE dedicated herself to developing her soul with God the Father.


This young firecracker, has always been, a ray of light and a real, true and genuine friend to all who knew her. We will always love and carry ENFENETEE in our hearts forever.




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Forgiveness Is An Act Talked About But Hardly Practiced.


Whom should you forgive?


Everyone. Not a few people. Not just yourself. Not someone because you will gain some measure of benefit from it. I'm telling you, you must forgive everyone. Yes, everyone. Your parents, your children, your ex spouse, your cheating ex spouse, your childhood bully, the person who stole your money, your boss and especially yourself.


What acts should you forgive?


All acts that have been committed against you. This is something that I had to do, in order for my healing process to begin. Holding on to any of the many sinful crimes that was committed against me, as a child and throughout my life, by those that I trusted, would only keep me in hell and I wanted OUT! I wanted Peace and Heaven. I had to surrender all and so must anyone who is truly seeking peace within their soul. Let me be clear! Just because you forgive, it does not immediately take the hurt away and this is why prayer and forgiveness go hand and hand. Only God can truly heal our deeply rooted wounds. It has been taught that in order for us to receive forgiveness from God for our sins, we must practice forgiveness towards those whom have wronged us. For the first time in my life, I understand this teaching.


Where, When  and Why do I forgive?


I know this question posed may sound a little crazy. It's not though. I'm really talking about where you should forgive. Literally, the place.


A lot of people think in order for me to forgive somebody I have to go and tell them I forgive them. Sometimes this is absolutely correct however, we need to forgive others and ourselves right where we are standing, sitting or laying and you have to do it, right at the moment you realize you need to be set free in order to live.


This is especially the case where the person or persons are deceased, incarcerated or just unavailable. Truthfully, there are times when someone has done something so heinous to you that it is better to forgive them from afar for the sake of you both. For example, someone murdered a loved one. Sincerity also plays an important role in forgiveness.


Forgiveness is one of the few things that doesn’t cost you anything if you do it. However, if you don't do it, it may eventually cost you, your future relationships, happiness, fulfillment, money and inevitably your life. Let's get down to the nitty gritty shall we. Forgiving is one of those acts that doesn't have any negative connotation to it.


How do I forgive?


The process of forgiving and technically how you forgive, is a very individualized act. However, I can liken it to the act of walking. Every one walks differently and the differences are a result of many factors.Some may have a limp from a car accident, another may have a slightly lesser degree of limp because of a bicycle accident as a child. While another person may have an exaggerated limp from a war injury. The one thing they have in common is they are walking and the main goal is getting from A to B.


The same principal applies to forgiveness. Some people might forgive immediately when an infraction has been made against them. Others on the other hand may take a few days to digest it. The key is that you do it and you never say I will never forgive that person.

How you do it may also be based on your upbringing, religion and emotional state.


In closing let me share this pearl, always Forgive with no strings attached.







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Kermit Golden is a native Baltimorean who began expressing his unique singing ability in church at the age of eight. Kermit was encouraged to furhter exhibit his talent by supportive family members.


As a teenager, Kermit used his extraordinary baritone voice to perform as a R&B solo vocalist. His style has been liken to Sam Cooke and thus, he was booked to perform with many popular acts of the time such as, The Softtones, Tiny Tim Harris, Bi Bi Fatima and The Bobby Rucks Group.


Over the years, Kermit has gained a definite following of avid fans. Many remember him also as the lead singer of the popular Baltimore gospel group, The Travelaries.


Kermit has performed up and down the east coast in many popular venues such as, The Apollo Theater, Radio City Music Hall, The Ford Theater, The Lincoln Center, The Gospel Center and  Encore Theater to name a few.


Kermit is trully a legendary singer and performer and is a living inspiration to always pursue your dreams.


The House Of 1 is the first of a series of Lps  produced by the Prime Minister.The Lp was produced with the idea in mind of taking the club to the fitness center.


A healthy body is a healthy mind.To often we feed ourselves posions in the name of fun and the music is most influential in our consumption of such posions.


It is the responsibility of the Knowing to share with the Unknowing. We must rid ourselves of the appetite of self destruction in all its' many forms in order to evolve to our higher self.


The House Of 1


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